Justice Department Warns It Might Not Be Able to Prosecute Voting Machine Hackers

DoJ says current federal law against hacking doesn't apply to voting machines because they aren't connected to the internet; but this plus a proposed amendment could create a problem for prosecuting hacks of other computers not connected to the internet.


Cardinals Employee Sentenced to Almost 4 Years in Prison for Guessing a Password

Oh, and swiping notes on the Astros’ trade negotiations.


Password Sharing Is a Federal Crime, Appeals Court Rules

Sharing your Netflix or HBO password technically violates one of America's worst tech laws, the Ninth Circuit has ruled.


Former Reuters Journalist Matthew Keys Sentenced to Two Years for Hacking

Keys was convicted for pasting login credentials to the Tribune Company CMS into an Anonymous chatroom.


Journalist Might Look at 7 Years Prison in LA Times 'Hacking' Case

The recommended sentence is heavily tied to how much money was lost because of the hack.


Hunter Moore Revenge Porn Victim Got a Whopping $145.70 in Restitution

“Like capturing Jack the Ripper and giving him community service.”


Congress's Car Hacking Bill Is a Complete Mess

Manufacturers argue they should control who repairs your car, and Congress's new car hacking bill only makes the situation more messy.


Why the Government Went After Matthew Keys

Inside the prosecution of a journalist for computer hacking.


Hacker 'Weev' Releases Prosecutor's Alleged Ashley Madison Data After Threats

The infamous troll says a US prosecutor used Ashley Madison.


Hacker 'Weev' Threatens to Dox 'Dozens' of Prosecutors after Keys Conviction

The notorious troll and hacker wants to “punish” prosecutors for wrongfully going after hackers.


Former Reuters Journalist Matthew Keys Found Guilty of Three Counts of Hacking

“The government wanted to send a clear message."


Is This Journalist Guilty of Low-Level Vandalism, or High-Damage Hacking?

Day two of the trial of Matthew Keys, accused of conspiring with Anonymous.