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How to Debase Yourself and Get Free Food From Chain Restaurants at the Same Time

I have discovered the holy grail of free food—a technique so ridiculous and easy that anyone can do it.
Adam Rothbarth

Remember Jon Gosselin? You Can Party with Him at a Chili's This Weekend

Welcome to the most cursed Cinco de Mayo event of all time!
Jelisa Castrodale
chain restaurants

Company That Owns Krispy Kreme, Panera, Keurig Pledges $11 Million to Charity After Nazi Past Revealed

Younger members of the Reimann family, which runs JAB holdings, were "ashamed" by what a historian found in their family tree.
Jelisa Castrodale

I Love Boston Market's Mac and Cheese More than I Hate Capitalism

The rotini spirals are perfectly designed to retain the thick orange cheese. The pasta, always soft yet springy, can do no wrong.
Eric Ginsburg

How This Illinois 'Burger King' Has Defied the Global Chain with the Same Name

This rogue restaurant has been slinging burgers—but not Whoppers—for over 60 years.
Dave Minsky

Your Days of Watching Porn at Starbucks Are Numbered, Pervs

Starbucks can't stop you from watching step-sibling porn, but they can stop you from doing it on their Wi-Fi.
Jelisa Castrodale
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A Love Letter to Cook Out, the Most Underrated Fast Food Chain

Like all good fast food, it’s quick and cheap; but there are some quirks that make this North Carolina-based chain special.
Eric Ginsburg
cheesecake factory

Neighborhood Tries to Secede from City In Order to Get a Cheesecake Factory, Fails

The effort to split Eagle's Landing, Georgia off from the city of Stockbridge started in 2016, after the Cheesecake Factory opted not to open a location there.
Hannah Keyser

Teenager Slashed with Sporks in Vicious Attack at a San Francisco Denny's

Half as dangerous as a fork... twice as dangerous as a spoon
Dave Minsky
chain restaurants

Applebee’s Wants You to Eat Your Feelings

Why go to therapy when you can go to Applebee's?
Bettina Makalintal

Why Was There a Bunch of DiGiorno Pizzas at a Little Caesars? A Brief Investigation

Little Caesars claims it has a perfectly reasonable explanation for the stacks of frozen pizza in its store.
Lauren Rothman

Costa Coffee Pulls Avocado-Insulting Ad Due to Complaints

Do we not all agree that the avocado-ripening process is very frustrating??
Jelisa Castrodale