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The World's Greatest Wiffle Ball Tournament

Staten Island is known for many things: the ferry, the accent, the Wu-Tang Clan. But this borough of New York City is also home to the greatest wiffle ball tournament on the planet.
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Match Officials Trick Leyton Orient F.C. Protestors Into Leaving "Abandoned" Match, Only to Start it Back Up Again

Needless to say, Orient fans deserve better.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Tony Fernandes on Football Fandom and Attempting To Build The New QPR

Despite QPR’s up and down showings under his tenure, Tony Fernandes is one of the more popular owners in English football. We spoke to him about the mistakes of the past and his new vision for the club.
Will Magee

Nottingham Forest Perfectly Execute a Devious Free Kick Plot

The keeper looks like he was just pick pocketed by the prince of thieves—because he surely was.
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The Neutral’s Guide To Falling In Love With… Fulham

Previously a neutral’s favourite amongst Premier League sides, Fulham have been forced to come to terms with a drop in division in recent years. We spoke to fans about the change in culture and all new reasons to love the club.
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This Man-Eating Fish Halftime Show Was Simply Spectacular

Some kind of fish mascot creature—confoundingly wearing a Chicago Bulls "Mackerel Jordan" jersey—straight up devoured a man and spat him out.
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Barnsley's Adam Armstrong Absolutely Disgraces Defender Before Scoring a Stunner

You might want to think about upgrading your relationship status with Armstrong from "Newcastle loanee" at this point, Barnsley.
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The Hot Dog Vendor Who Tasted These Top Chefs' Fancy Wieners Was Unimpressed

What happened when an expert hot dog vendor tasted fancy wieners topped with foraged mushrooms, crispy dick, and toasted tapioca, wasn’t pretty.
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Squandered Talent, Bygone Youth: The Salutary Tale of Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner once held ambitions to be amongst the greatest strikers in the world. Now, he could be on his way to Nottingham Forest. So where did it all go wrong?
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Hull City Advances to Premier League with Wonder Strike from Deep Out

Hull brought pure theater to their fight to get to the Premier League.
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USMNT's Danny Williams Scored a Peach of a Goal for Reading on the Half-Volley

It's not every day you see a USMNT player doing something good.
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This Robot’s Struggle to Build an IKEA Chair Will Make You Feel Better

We are all this robot.
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