Championship Manager


'Championship Manager' Helped Me Adapt to My Adoption

It was one of those rare games that brought the mini-jocks and nerds together at school, and made my life a lot less difficult.


What Happens Next For Championship Manager Wonderkid Cherno Samba?

In the early noughties, Cherno Samba was the ultimate acquisition on the Championship Manager soccer simulation game. In reality, he never quite lived up to his virtual billing, though he still has endless potential for greatness.


Championship Manager 99/00: Football's Answer to 'The Man in the High Castle'

While the new versions feature a re-imagined present, the beauty of Championship Manager 99/00 is that now, 17 years after the fact, it's all about an alternate past.


I'll Never Love a Computer Like I Loved the Commodore Amiga

With a massive catalogue available to anyone with a penchant for piracy, the Amiga defined a generation of British gamers.


How ‘The Sims’ Turned Me into a Virtual Sociopath

BBC Radio 1's Phil Taggart recalls his murderous approach to playing the classic life-simulation game.