Couture Week: Nostalgia at Chanel, Goddess Vibes at Dior, and Old-School Glamour at Armani

The three heavy-hitting designers offered a refined but nostalgic take on tradition that makes it clear they know (and care about) their couture audience.


Who the Hell Would Buy Prada's $185 Paperclip?

The extremely expensive paperclip is just the latest in a line of bizarrely priced household items released by beloved designers. We asked a fashion expert to explain why.


Evidence Emerges of Known Music Maker Frank Ocean Playing First Show in Three Years

He performed a combination of tracks from 'Blond' and 'Endless'—and a few perfect extras—at Denmark’s NorthSide Festival last night.


From Corsets to Kardashians: Women's Power and the History of the Silhouette

Whether it's Christian Dior flouting post-WWII fabric rationing or Mary Tyler Moore fighting for her right to wear pants on air, in women's fashion, a change in shape can reflect a change in cultural and political priorities.


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Prada, Chanel, and More Big-Name Fashion Brands Called Out for Secret Supply Chains

Nearly three years after the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh that killed more than a thousand people, a new report found it's still difficult for consumers — and fashion companies — to answer the question, "who made my clothes?"


52 Years Later, People Are Still Obsessed with Jackie O's Pink Chanel Suit

Like most aspects of JFK's assassination, the iconic garment remains the subject of endless conspiracies and controversy.


Behind the Met's Custom Headdresses for 'Through the Looking Glass'

Haute couture milliner Stephen Jones pulled out all the stops on this one.


#Necessary Fashion School Tips from a Designer Prodigy

Christelle Kocher gives us the scoop on aspiring designers, inspirations, and her new line, Koché.


The Dress Is 3D-Printed (Like They Do in Paris)

Digital fabrication is opening doors to fashion houses looking to redefine the meaning of haute couture.


We Went to Today's London Protest Against Dolce & Gabbana's Gay Parenting Comments

LGBT Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell was there, as well as a red-faced Rod Liddle, who suggested most fashion designers are fascists.