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I Was Married to a Pedophile

We spoke to Kate, who, after 20 years of marriage, discovered that her husband had been looking at illegal images of child sexual abuse online.
Michael Segalov
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Watch a New Documentary About the History of House Music

Channel 4’s ‘I Was There When House Took Over the World’ features Nile Rodgers, Marshall Jefferson, Honey Dijon, and more.
Krystal Rodriguez
Holy Shit

An Imagining of the Characters Drake Could Play on the British TV Series 'Top Boy'

He's reportedly going to star on the drama, which he bought the rights for a few years ago. This could play out in a few ways.
Lauren O'Neill
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Stormzy Went on a Morning Show and Probably Won Your Mum's Heart

The show 'Sunday Brunch' has introduced Stormzy to the masses.
Lauren O'Neill
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George Michael Was Working On A Documentary, Due to Air in 2017, Before His Death

The film, titled 'Freedom' will feature interviews with Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and more, and is narrated by Michael himself.
Noisey Staff

TV Game Shows Are Dying and I'll Miss Their Shiny Pointlessness

Look, 'Million Pound Drop' and 'Deal or No Deal' may be the sort of television that only your great-aunt still watches, but we need them.
Hannah J Davies

Julian Barratt Talks Art, 'The Mighty Boosh,' and His Dark New Comedy

In the dark comedy TV series 'Flowers,' Barratt plays a suicidal children's book author who's trying to find his way back to the surface.
Oscar Rickett

An Evening with 'The Pedophile Hunter'

Stinson Hunter is responsible for over 50 convictions of men caught grooming young girls. He held a meet-and-greet for his fans. Here's what happened.
Joe Bish

Some Important Questions for 'Sex Box,' the TV Show Where People Have Sex in a Box

Like 20 to 30 percent of genital warts, the infamous show 'Sex Box' has returned. And I have some queries.
Monica Heisey

We Asked Jon Snow What It's Like to Trend on Twitter

Jon Snow’s Twitter account is a perpetual case of mistaken identity.
Emanuel Maiberg

An Oral History of 'Peep Show,' the UK Sitcom That Defined a Generation

As the long-running, legendary sitcom winds down we got together with the stars and creators to look back at its history and legacy.
Daniel Dylan Wray

A Legendary Game Show Returns—with You as the Star

'The Crystal Maze' is back and more of a puzzler than ever.
Giaco Furino