Vandals Drained $500,000 Worth Of Wine From an Italian Estate

The vandals who broke into the Conte Vistarino vineyard in the dead of night last week dumped wine from a variety of white grapes, including pinot grigio, riesling, and chardonnay.
Wyatt Marshall
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Meet the 20-Somethings Who Are Copying the World's Rarest Wines Without Using Grapes

What if you could identify the molecules that comprise a 1973 Chateau Montelena and then reassemble them from scratch? Ava Winery is here to find out.
Hilary Pollack

Meet the Winemaker Who Wants Us to Love Grappa

Grappa, the Italian liquor made from leftover grape skins, is usually associated with holiday-ruining hangovers—something Devon winemaker Cosmo Caddy wants to change. “Our grappa is more refined than the stuff you’ve had on ski trips,” he says.
Johanna Derry

Making Terroir with Cow Horns, Manure, and Lunar Rhythms in Quebec

We headed down to Les Pervenches vineyard in Farnham, Quebec with sommelier Emily Campeau, to talk terroir and biodynamic winemaking.
Nick Rose and Simon Coutu

Global Warming Is Turning the Welsh Valleys into a Wine Hotspot

One of the few silver linings to come out of impending changes in climate is that countries like Wales—historically lauded for its ability to produce drinkable vinegar—will finally get a look-in on the viticultural landscape.
Rachel England
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How Norman Hardie Is Blurring the Line Between Old and New World Wines

We spoke to Norman Hardie about making wines in Canada’s harsh and changing climate, and why his wines hold up against Burgundy’s finest.
Nick Rose

Torching Wood for Terroir with Canada’s Last Living Barrel-Maker

Bradford even talks to his barrels while he works with them, mostly in profanities, which is understandable given the intense heat coming off of the fire.
Nick Rose

A Holiday Wine Guide for Every Crazy Person in Your Family

I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out the best way to navigate the shitshow of the holidays with my family, and the best answer I’ve come up with is wine.
Marissa A. Ross

England Loves Wine So Much That It’s Making More of Its Own

Applications to open vineyards in England rose by more than 40 percent last year, and Brits are ready to show off their chops when it comes to winemaking—especially bubbly.
Wyatt Marshall

Comedian Bridget Everett Is Going to Sit on Your Face and You'll Like It

We spoke to the comedian and cabaret performer about her tits, karaoke advice, and why she and Amy Schumer need a chardonnay sponsorship.
Monica Heisey

White Wine Is Just as Good for You as Red

As science advances, so to may the reputation of white wine. At least that's what some leading medical research seems to be pointing toward.
Nick Rose

American Wine Is Full of Poison

Sixty-four of the 65 bottles sampled had levels of arsenic above the US Environmental Protection Agency maximum.
Nick Rose