Charlie Sheen


'Wall Street' Is a Direct Reflection of Trump's America

Thirty years later, Oliver Stone's douchebag monument is pretty spot-on about the mess we’re in.
Frederick Blichert

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Wall Street players are identified in the Panama Papers, Bernie says Hillary isn't qualified to be president, Kanye leads tributes to Phife Dawg at his memorial, and more.
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The Year in Male Tears

​2015 was the year misandry went mainstream, and that's a good thing.
Chelsea G. Summers
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Charlie Sheen Will Reportedly Reveal He Is HIV Positive on NBC's 'Today'

Sheen is scheduled to make a "revealing personal announcement" during his interview with Matt Lauer on Tuesday.
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The week in GIFS

Jason Biggs Tweeted Something Stupid About the Malaysia Airlines Disaster

The star of <i>American Pie</i> said something dumb again. Only this time, it was about almost 300 people dying horribly. Whoops.
Dave Schilling

Celebrity Swatting and Other Popular Los Angeles Trends

Due to the inescapable fact that Los Angeles is totally boring, people here actually take the time to prank call various emergency-services agencies and trick them into responding to imaginary incidents at celebrity estates. Often times, SWAT teams...
Dave Schilling

Dear VICE: Hi From the East Wing of the Psych Ward

I’ve headbutted a cop and got away with it, made a ‘hate rap’, some mad friends, and moved rooms near to four times now. I got a coffee thrown at me today in group/lifestyle therapy by a Freedom Fighter with Tourette’s. She told me Jesus Christ never...
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