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Charter and Tribune Are Beefing Over TV Channels Viewers Can Get For Free Over the Air

The cable company and Tribune Broadcasting are at a stalemate over their new contract, leading Tribune to black out channels for Charter subscribers.
Kaleigh Rogers

NY State Residents Will Get $62.5 Million In Settlement For Terrible Broadband

The settlement with Charter Spectrum is the largest consumer refund from an ISP in the US.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Cybersecurity World Is Debating WTF Is Going on With Bloomberg’s Chinese Microchip Stories

No one is really sure who to believe after Businessweek's bombshell story on an alleged Chinese supply chain attack against Apple, Amazon, and others.
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Charter Cable Doesn't Want You to See This Political Campaign Ad

Cable companies censoring political messaging sets a dangerous precedent.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Why New York Kicked the Country's Second-Biggest Cable Company Out of the State

New York State regulators say they are fed up by Charter Spectrum Cable's empty promises, poor service, and misleading claims.
Karl Bode
Broadband Woes

Here’s How Time Warner Cable Was ‘Ripping You Off’ All Those Years

New York State’s Attorney General alleges a years-long scheme to defraud consumers.
Sam Gustin

Looming Charter-TWC Merger Could Hurt Video Streaming, Advocates Warn

Anti-merger groups warn that if safeguards aren’t put in place, the merger could be a threat to over-the-top streaming services.
Kari Paul

This Teen Wants to Abolish School as We Know It

Modern schools are like prisons, stifling children's creativity and destroying their will to learn. This 19-year-old, who's already written two books on the subject, says we should get rid of them.
Charles Davis

The 'Charter of Shame' Is Threatening Quebec’s Minority Rights

Critics say it infringes on certain provisions in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as freedom of expression and religion.
Nilo Tabrizy