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‘Guild Wars 2’ Caught Using Spyware to Catch Cheaters

The makers of the popular multiplayer game caught almost 1,600 alleged cheaters using a program that scanned their computers for cheating software.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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One of Trump's Longtime Golf Buddies Says He 'Cheats Like Hell'

"No matter how far into the woods he hits the ball, it's in the middle of the fairway when we get there."
Drew Schwartz

Blizzard's Most Hated Cheat Maker Is Unfazed By the $8.5 Million Case He Just Lost

CEO of Bossland says 'there's still a long way to go,' despite just losing an $8.5 million case.
Leif Johnson

A Former Underground Card Dealer Shows Us How to Cheat Tonight on VICELAND

Tonight on an all new episode of 'Black Market' host Michael K. Williams meets up with a former dealer who cheated his way through games to win money.
VICE Staff

What I Learned Dating Married Men on Ashley Madison as a Single Woman

Everyone lies and many of the men are desperate creeps, but for single women it's an easy way to go on expensive dates without worrying about commitment.

I Helped Division I Athletes Cheat in College

For years, I willingly did the economics homework for a number of student athletes. To this day, I don't regret it. Helping them cheat doesn't seem any more unethical than forcing them to learn about how "great" capitalism is in the first place.
Mike Abu
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Home Early.
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