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NFL Cheerleaders Need a Union

The league's underappreciated performers are suing the league and speaking out about underpayment and harassment—but they may need to organize to get respect.
Christina Floozy, Esquire

Sports Are a Metaphor for Inequality in These Colorful Paintings

Baseball, carnivals, and institutional racism inspire Memphis-born artist Derek Fordjour's evocative paintings, collages, and sculptures.
Francesca Capossela
This Is a Cheerocracy

Who Won the Showdown Between Cheerleading Twitter vs. Baseball Twitter?

A feud you didn't even know existed.
Mallory Locklear
Holy Shit

Kings of Leon's Vid for 'Waste a Moment' Is Very 'Carrie' Meets 'Bring It On' Meets 'X-Files'

KOL are back with their first record in three years next month, and this song is the first single. We believe they call it "a return to form."
Kim Taylor Bennett

Why Sports Cheerleaders and Dancers Are Worth More Than Minimum Wage

Thanks to recent series of lawsuits, some NFL cheerleaders will now be paid the minimum wage, but that likely still doesn't reflect the full value they provide to a sports franchise.
David Berri
stomp the yard

VCU Cheerleader Tries to Stomp Out St. Joe's Victory Balloons, The Bitterness of Loss

If the balloons are gone, then losing never happened, right?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cheerocracy Forever: The Enduring Superiority of 'Bring It On'

Bring It On is unequivocally the Greatest Sports Movie of All Time.
B. David Zarley

"Simply Exploited": Why a Milwaukee Bucks Cheerleader Is Suing the Team

A former cheerleader is suing the Milwaukee Bucks for violating Wisconsin's minimum wage laws. Her allegations of wage abuse and demeaning image standards are all too common in sports.
Kevin Trahan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Chinese Startups Are Hiring Office Cheerleaders to Boost Productivity

The women take on such duties as: buying the programmers breakfast, playing ping-pong with employees, and "chitchatting."
Manisha Krishnan

It's Time for the NFL to Ban Cheerleaders

What purpose is NFL cheerleading serving other than dehumanizing women and entertaining the male gaze with ever-shrinking costumes?
Smriti Sinha
This Week in Teens

Would-Be School Shooter Drinks Too Much Whiskey, Forgets Bombs at Home

It's hard to argue that teen drinking ever accomplishes anything of substance, but this week, underage boozing actually seems to have prevented a tragedy.
Hanson O'Haver

Rah-Rah, Give Us Minimum Wage!

NFL cheerleaders aren’t the only ones battling labor law violations: NBA dancers and NHL ice girls chime in about poor compensation.
Mary Emily O'Hara