London’s Best Mexican Cheese Is Being Made Under a Railway Arch

In a space under a Peckham railway, Kristen Schnepp’s Gringa Dairy is making authentic queso Oaxaca, Chihuahua, and fresco.
Natalie Hardwick

This Man Is on a Mission to Make Morocco Love Camel Cheese

“Although we drink the milk in the countryside, no one would ever think to make cheese from it,” says Abderrazzak Khoubbane, whose restaurant and dairy near the Morroccan coastal town of Essaouira specialises in camel milk cheese.
Laura Martin

You Don’t Need a Mountain to Make French Alpine Cheese

Reblochon is an oozy, cow’s milk cheese from Savoy in the Western Alps. But on a farm in Oxfordshire, cheesemakers Antony Curnow and David Jowett are making their own Anglicised version—and it might taste even better.
Chloe Scott-Moncrieff

These Cheesemakers Are Practising Alchemy in a London Industrial Unit

“Cheese is the last alchemy. You take a basic food stuff like cow’s milk and can create thousands of different types of cheese,” says Philip Wilton, head cheesemaker at Tottenham’s Wilde Cheese. “If you think about it, it really should not be possible."
Emli Bendixen

The Dairy State’s Master Cheesemaker Won’t Answer Your Emails

Gary Grossen, the master cheesemaker at the University of Wisconsin, lives and breathes cheese—so much so that it's nearly impossible to reach him by cell phone or email.
Nick Woods

Cyprus Wants to Put a Stop to Cheap British Halloumi

Cyprus has applied to the EU to grant “protected designation of origin” status for halloumi, making it illegal to produce the cheese outside of the country.
Phoebe Hurst

British Dairy Farmers Are Starting a Raw Cheese Revolution

Suffolk’s dairy farmers are making specialist cheeses—including the UK’s first raw brie—rather than remain trapped in supermarket pricing wars that see milk sold for less than bottled water.
Josh Barrie

Canada's Best Mexican Cheese Is Made by an Indian Sikh

Amarjit Singh, a self-taught cheesemaker and owner of Ingersoll's Local Dairy, is a busy man. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to produce paneer and award-winning Oaxaca cheese.
Jacob Rutka