Meet the Lesbian Cheesemongers of the 'LGBrieTQ' Community

“Lesbians love cheese, but then again who doesn’t? I suppose you could fit quite a bit of cheese in the back of that Subaru."


The Mysterious Case of the Suspended, Fully-Funded Kickstarter 'Smart Cheesemaker'

Fromaggio reached its goal in five hours, but the campaign was suspended "tragically and unjustly" two weeks later.


American Cheese Obsessives Are 'Adopting' Alpine Cheesemakers to Preserve a Fading Tradition

“It seemed like a good way to get our hands on some obscure, off-the-beaten path cheese. What started as curiosity became an obsession."


MUNCHIES Presents: Artisanal Cheese in China

China may seem like the least likely place to find locally made artisanal cheeses—such as camembert, ricotta, and blue cheese—but Liu Yang, a Chinese cheesemaker, is changing that.


Meet the Ex-Nightclub Owner Who Went from Cleaning Floors at Wendy’s to Curing His Own Prosciutto in Yangon

When Sharky's founder Ye Htut Win couldn’t find the ingredients he wanted, he decided to become a farmer, a baker, a cheesemaker, and a butcher.


How a Techno Party Planner Found His Calling in Cheese

Two hearts beat in the breast of Clemens Castan: one for techno, one for cheese. After spending years organizing dance parties and slinging drinks, he realized that his other true passion lies with stinky, savory dairy.


The Art of Cheesemaking in Peru

I came to the Peruvian town of Baños to learn about cheesemaking in the Andes after seeing mountains of cheese in the small city of Huanuco.


How I Accidentally Became an Award-Winning Cheesemaker

Our cave-aged blue cheese is wrapped in pear brandy-soaked grape leaves and tastes like cured bacon, milk chocolate, vanilla, and truffles all at the same time.


Making Cheese on the Comté Trail in the French Jura

Making the glorious cheese known as Comté is a communal endeavor, requiring up to 120 gallons of fresh milk from multiple small herds to make one 90-pound wheel.


Italian Cheesemakers Sue an American Soap Opera for Insulting Their Cheese

Can you disparage a cheese? The Grana Padano Consortium of Italy certainly thinks you can. That’s why they’re suing America’s longest-running soap opera.


Swiss Cheese Has Been Made in the Alps Since Prehistoric Times

An international team of scientists has found that cheese was made in what is now Switzerland as far back as the first millennium BC.


Artisan Cheesemaking Has Arrived in India

Tina Khan, an artisan cheesemaker in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, is one of a select few trying to pioneer cheese in the country.