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Bashar Assad Is Getting a Slap on the Wrist for His Latest Chemical Weapons Attack

The chlorine gas attack, which was carried out in May, was part of a wider assault on the last rebel-controlled stronghold in Syria.


The body that created the convention on chemical weapons has a new leader: Syria

"One of the darkest days in the history of the Conference on Disarmament."


Chemical weapons inspectors still haven't accessed Douma

An inspection remains up in the air after a U.N. security team fell under gunfire and explosions Wednesday


Russia keeps changing its story on the chemical attack in Syria

It's no longer a false flag staged by Britain.


U.S. believes Russia is tampering with chemical weapons evidence in Syria

International inspectors still cannot get access to Douma, where a suspected chemical attack left 75 dead.


Russia says Syria chemical attack was false flag by Britain and the White Helmets

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that 43 of the dead had symptoms “consistent with exposure to highly toxic chemicals.”


Even Moscow has had enough of Trump’s early morning tweets

“We cannot depend on the mood of someone on the other side of the ocean when he wakes up."


Trump wants to send Assad a message — but his options are all bad

“Trump can weaken Assad’s air force. But what comes next? A return to all-out civil war?”


Why the Russian chemical weapon used to poison an ex-spy isn’t banned

The toxin likely used in a recent nerve attack was built during the Soviet era.


Russia is loving the fear the nerve agent attack inspired, U.K. says

“They want to simultaneously deny it and yet at the same time to glory in it.”


Kim Jong Un insists he's definitely not peddling chemical weapons to Syria

The U.S. "is a cancer of global peace."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Foreign powers discussed how to manipulate Jared Kushner, ICE detains more than 150 immigrants in California sweep, UN says North Korea helped Syria with chemical weapons, and more.