Game of the Year 2018

In 2019, We Need to Learn How to Break a Perpetually Tied Game

A year immersed in tactics games have me thinking a lot about how to push through gridlock.
Austin Walker
open thread

'Into the Breach' Solved a Big Problem: How to Show Off Your Strategies

With a recent patch adding an alphanumeric grid system to the game, its become a lot easier to share tactical puzzles with friends.
Austin Walker
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Is Trump really playing 3D chess? We asked the masters

Oliver Noble
Brandon Lisy

'Lettuce Chess,' Today's Comic by Robin Vehrs

A passerby on a horse explains the rules of the road to a pair of cheapskates playing chess in the middle of the street.
Robin Vehrs

We Had Josh Jackson Play Chess with a Shit-Talking Old Guy

The Phoenix Suns rookie is a big chess player, so we had him play a game against an old guy down the street from our office.
VICE Sports Staff
Artificial Intelligence

Million Dollar Computer Chess Problem Will Take 'Thousands of Years' to Solve

4,426,165,368 possible queen positions.
Claire Downs
There Be Space Dragons

NASA Will Stare Into the Cosmic Abyss for Signs of Star Babies

You merely adopted the darkness, these stars were born it.
Becky Ferreira
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Thoughts on a Fucked Up Genius: Robert Christgau Reviews Chuck Berry

The Dean of American Rock Critics takes on the late rock 'n' roll pioneer's 'Chuck' and 'The Definitive Collection.'
Robert Christgau

The Spy Who Checkmated Me: Why Postal Chess Was Banned During Wartime

The United States banned postal chess during WWII because it feared the game was being used to send secret messages. But how would this actually work?
Daniel Oberhaus
the scary robotic future of poker

Could Professional Poker Players Be On The Verge Of Losing Their Livelihoods To Automation?

In a significant development for artificial intelligence, programmers have created a poker AI which is capable of beating the world's best players. So, what does this mean for the future of the game?
Callum Hamilton
Internet Exploring

It's Awards Season, So Here's Kendrick Lamar and Samuel L. Jackson in the Studio Last Fall

Good kid, b.A.A.d. motherfucker.
Phil Witmer
The 2016 Fiction Issue

'How to Beat Your Wife at Chess,' a Short Story by Paul Maliszewski

A husband sleeps in the basement and schemes about how to outmaneuver his wife at chess, while she may be having sex with a man from Berlin in their bedroom.
Paul Maliszewski