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Joe SixPuck

Scott Foster, a 36-Year-Old Accountant, Filled In as Blackhawks Goalie

Coming in as an emergency goalie after two of Chicago's goalies were out of commission, Foster stopped all seven shots he saw in 14 minutes of play. Pretty good for a beer-leaguer.
Liam Daniel Pierce
grab bag

DGB Grab Bag: The Ten Commandments of Replay Reviews and Challenges

We also add a new entry to the hockey dictionary and revisit an infamous brawl between the Blackhawks and Blues—the 1991 St. Patrick's Day Massacre.
Sean McIndoe
marian hossa

Marian Hossa's NHL Career Could Be Over Due to Equipment Allergy

The Chicago Blackhawks winger has been quietly dealing with a skin disorder reportedly caused by his hockey equipment, and the medication's side effects have made it impossible to play next year.
Sean Newell
stanley cup playoffs

Down Goes Brown Playoff Preview: Western Conference First Round

The Western Conference will provide plenty of storylines in the first round: The Chicago dynasty, two teams (Anaheim and Calgary) that hate each other, and Connor McDavid's playoff debut.
Sean McIndoe

Blackhawks' Richard Panik Records Weirdest Assist of NHL Season

And surely the strangest of his career.
Kyle Cantlon

Rating the Stanley Cup Contenders After the NHL Trade Deadline

Stop me if you've heard this before: The Washington Capitals are the clear favorites to win the Stanley Cup.
Dave Lozo

Which NHL Teams Will Be Most Screwed by the Salary Cap?

Lost in the excitement of All-Star Weekend was commissioner Gary Bettman's announcement that the 2017-18 salary cap was likely to remain flat at $73 million. Here are the teams that would hurt the most.
Dave Lozo

How to Make the NHL's Winter Classic Relevant Again

The Winter Classic was a cool concept when it was started in 2008. But the game has mostly lost its appeal and it's time to revamp it.
Dave Lozo

The NHL's Balance of Power Is Shifting to the Eastern Conference

The Eastern Conference is turning into the superior conference in the NHL.
Dave Lozo

Biscuits Episode 2: Hockey Talk Instead of Election Talk

In this week's episode, Dave and Sean talk Jacob Trouba, debate blindside hits, break down the Blackhawks, and discuss the finer points of enraging various fan bases...instead of talking about the election for an hour.
VICE Sports

Seriously, We've Had Enough of the Blackhawks

Dave Lozo doesn't hate the Blackhawks. He's just pretty sick and tired of them.
Dave Lozo
St Louis Blues

Here's How Close the Blackhawks Were to Tying the Blues in Game 7

A deflection and two posts: the puck never had a chance of going in.
Sean Newell