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Rat Jumps Over Wall at Wrigley Field and the Crowd Goes Wild

The real MVP of that Cubs game.
Drew Schwartz

Organist Trolls Daniel Murphy with Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" for Homophobic Comments

Daniel Murphy has a history of homophobic remarks which resurfaced after his trade to the Chicago Cubs and the notorious Atlanta Braves organist let him have it during his walk-up songs last night.
Liam Daniel Pierce

If There's One Time You Can Bat Flip, It's a Walk-Off Grand Slam

You should always be allowed to bat flip, but David Bote's walk-off grand slam is a no-doubter.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Javier Baez is the Perfect Baseball Player for Our Time

Baez is what MLB needs in the social media age. He's stylish, passionate, highly GIFable, and now the Cubs' high-energy second baseman has the numbers to make him a true star.
Drew Fairservice

On Yu Darvish, and Scapegoating

Baseball history is littered with scapegoats who "lost" a game for their team, eliciting feelings of betrayal from fans. But it's never that simple.
Rachael McDaniel

Cardinals Buy Bulletproof Cups After Yadier Molina Took Pitch to the Balls

The St. Louis Cardinals catcher is set to be out for a month after receiving surgery. In the meantime, his co-catchers are getting their own ballistics-tested cups.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Braves Organist Trolls Bryce Harper with 'Go Cubs Go,' 'New York, New York'

The SunTrust Park organist Matthew Kaminski is pulling some pro-level trolls on the Washington Nationals right fielder.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Chicago Cubs CF Ian Happ Homers on First Pitch of 2018 MLB Season

The Miami Marlins stink, sure, but who knew they'd open the season like this?
Liam Daniel Pierce

We Were One Home Run Away from Angry Joe Maddon Streaking Wrigley Field

Umpires reversed a strikeout in the eighth inning of Game 4 between the Dodgers and the Cubs, claiming Curtis Granderson fouled the ball off when he didn't. And then Maddon got ejected.
Sean Newell

Instant Replay on the Bases Stinks

The Washington Nationals had a rally killed after replay showed Jose Lobaton's foot lifted off first base for a millisecond.
Sean Newell
stephen strasburg

So...Stephen Strasburg is Pitching Now? Alright!

Everybody went nuts yesterday after Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker announced that Tanner Roark would start in Game 4 of the NLCS. Well, he's not starting anymore.
Sean Newell
DM Sliding

Chicago Comedian Wants Mia Khalifa to Out More Cubs for Sliding into Her DMs

Not long ago, Khalifa outed Wilson Contreras for sliding into her DMs. Roy Wood Jr. Wants her to out more because the Cubs have been streaking ever since.
Liam Daniel Pierce