chicago teachers strike

3 days ago

The Chicago Teachers Strike Could Revolutionize the Way Unions Fight for the Working Class

The city’s rent crisis is so bad, educators are taking it upon themselves to fix it. It could be a model for class conflict across the country.


Raw Coverage of the Chicago Teachers' Strike

VICE News is live from Chicago, where thousands of teachers will walk off the job, shutting down the nation's third-largest school district for one day.


The Chicago Teachers' Strike Is Unlike Any Other in Recent Memory

27,000 employees are walking off the job on Friday, shutting down the third-largest US school district. What they are doing looks a lot more like Europe than America.


The Battle Over What to Pay Teachers in the US May Come Down to One Painful Decision

The grievances of the Chicago Teachers Union, whose members are holding a one-day strike, highlight problems with the way the entire country compensates teachers.


Paul Ryan: What Stupid People Think a Smart Guy Sounds Like

His popularity among voters isn't much of a surprise. Ryan's good-looking and articulate. Most importantly, he can convince people there's intellectual gravitas behind his words. It’s sort of like the Ross Perot phenomenon, a man for whom 20 million...