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Home Games: The Strange Overlapping Borders of Sports Fandom

To be a fan is, first and foremost, to join a tribe. But the borders of these sports homelands, and what's at stake, are more confusing than they first appear.


James Shields' Lost Season Is Business as Usual for the White Sox

James Shields was only with the White Sox a little while, but he lasted long enough to compound and define another year in limbo. Now he may be on the move again.


In Adding Dwyane Wade, The Bulls Show They'd Rather Go Big Than Build

...and there's not necessarily anything wrong with that. In bringing in a favorite son, the Bulls have created a strange sort of in-between team. But why not?


The Team Effort Behind Cubs Catching Phenom Willson Contreras

Willson Contreras has flattened the National League since debuting with the Cubs in late June. Here's how a cautious third baseman became a breakout catching star.


Meet WhirlyBall, The Goofy Lacrosse-In-Golf-Carts Sport That Wants To Take Over The World

WhirlyBall is a silly sport that sticks players in goofy little vehicles and whose rules combine polo, lacrosse, and basketball. It is fun, but also ambitious.


DePaul Still Chasing Down Its Long-Lost Legacy

DePaul was once one of the true blue bloods in college hoops, but the program has been adrift for a generation. Now they're looking to the past to shape their future.


Man on Fire: The Voice of NBA Jam's Most Iconic Lines

Tim Kitzrow is the voice behind "Boomshakalaka!" and the other iconic lines from the arcade classic NBA Jam. He made $900 for his work, and he is still hustling.


Kris Bryant Is Seriously Ridiculous, And Probably The Future

Kris Bryant is sometimes spectacular, if also a whiff-prone 23-year-old rookie. But when he's right, he's already like any other slugger in the sport. It's good.


The Art And Science Of Putting Large Chicago Blackhawks Helmets on Lions

Dinosaur sweaters, stone lions in hockey helmets, and a pterodactyl in a Bulls jersey. This is how Chicago's landmarks came to wear Chicago sports teams' gear.


Jimmy Butler, the NBA's Most Improved Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler will be named the NBA's Most Improved Player for 2015. What's remarkable about that is that he did it just by being better at being himself.


What Is Derrick Rose In 2015?

Derrick Rose returned from his most recent knee injury on Wednesday night. What role he'll fill, and what type of player he can be, are still open questions.


Joakim Noah Versus the Inevitable

For years, Joakim Noah has anchored the Chicago Bulls by doing everything, as hard as he could. Now, all those years of maximum everything are catching up with him.