chicken blood

    • 12.7.15

      Chef's Night Out: The Hill Station

      We join Danish owners Tommy Eggen and Soeren Pindstrup, along with head chef Giang Phay and a few friends, for a night out in Sa Pa, Vietnam, sampling the best Hmong, Vietnamese, and French food in town.

    • 7.13.13

      I Sacrificed a Chicken and Drank Vinegar in the Name of Megan Fox

      As a feminist, I want to love Megan Fox for calling out Michael Bay's sexism, but as a sane human being I struggle to love a woman who considers Red Lobster her favorite restaurant. But eccentricity is a quality we tolerate in male stars, so I decided...

    • 2.27.13

      Laugh Pig Laugh

      Two hours later: Regret. So much regret. There’s blood all over me. Not my blood. Chicken blood, or so they say. I don’t know where anyone gets all this chicken blood from, and the whole enterprise is definitely far from kosher.