chicken cutlets


Parmesan Chicken Cutlets with Tricolore Salad Recipe

"This salad is so addictive" said everyone who ate this, ever.


Chicken Bacon Lettuce Sandwich Recipe

A shitload of horseradish and lemon cream cheese, homemade pickled cucumbers, and crisp bacon. I think it's safe to say that this is our best chicken sandwich yet.


The MUNCHIES Guide to Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day, here's a brief guide to help you say "I'm sorry that you endured hours of godawful labor just to bring me into this junkyard of a world" to any and all kinds of moms.


Bartenders Tell Us About the Best and Worst Things They’ve Found in the Bathroom

Drug paraphernalia, poop where it doesn't belong, bloody panties, and one dead hamster.