chicken liver


Bacon-Wrapped Country Pâté Recipe

Embrace your inner Frenchy and make this Pâté de Campagne, a rustic pork country pâté with a modern update from Brooklyn spot, Alameda.


Chicken Liver Mousse Recipe

Creamy and rich and easy AF.


This Is the Extra AF Funnel Cake We All Deserve in These Trying Times

One funnel cake to rule them all.


Soigné Funnel Cake Recipe

You've had funnel cake before, but not like this.


Pork Banh Mi with Chicken Liver Paté Recipe

This Vietnamese sandwich is a porky, satisfying street food classic.


These Burgers Taste Like Human

It's often said that cannibalism is the last taboo. Maybe that's why I struggled so much eating a "human" burger—a mix of different meats carefully combined to apparently be as close to the taste of long pig as possible.