chicken sandwich


Guy Holds Up Popeyes at Gunpoint for Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich

A group of three men and two women tried to force their way into a Popeyes restaurant in Houston, demanding the highly coveted sandwich.


Please Don't Meme Overworked Popeyes Employees

Just eat your chicken and leave them alone.


Karaage Sliders Recipe

Who doesn't love a mini chicken sandwich?


Our Top 10 Fried Chicken Sandwiches

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Closed On Sunday Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Make this crispy chicken sandwich any day of the week.


Nacho-Fried Chicken Burger Recipe

Guys, not only is this fried chicken, but the batter includes tortillas. And it's on a brioche bun. You're welcome.


The First Certified-Organic Fast Food Chain Is a Chicken Sandwich Joint

Move over, Fuku: this West Coast chicken sandwich spot has received the elusive USDA restaurant certification of being officially, 100-percent organic.


A Man Tried to Trademark a Chicken Sandwich and Failed Miserably

The World Intellectual Property Organization defines a trademark as something “capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises.” This does not include a fried chicken sandwich.