Chico MacMurtrie


Digital Identities: A Photo Feature from the New Issue of VICE Magazine

Seven multimedia artists revitalize self-portraiture in this special feature from 'The Future of Tech Issue.'


Robotic Sculptures Will Cross the U.S.-Mexico Border

Artist Chico MacMurtrie's new installation "invites the public to rethink the notion of borders in a globalized world."


A Robotic Church Rises in Red Hook

Machines come to life inside an old Norwegian Seamen’s Church for Chico MacMurtrie's site-specific installation and performance.


A Lifelike 'Biomorphic Wall' Grows In Brooklyn

Chico MacMurtrie and Amorphic Robotic Works' latest in inflatable architecture comes to life at Pioneer Works this Sunday.


Chico MacMurtrie's Robot Orchestra Lands In Red Hook

You haven't lived till you've seen a robot symphony in an old Norwegian church.