child labor

child labor

Indiana Republican who employs hundreds of teens wants to roll back child labor laws

The ski resort he runs employs as many as 400 minors, according to the Indianapolis Star.
Emma Ockerman

Agricultural Workers Face Constant, Horrific Human Rights Violations, a New UN Report Shows

Each year, an average of 170,000 agricultural workers are killed at work globally.
Hannah Keyser

The Glitter in Your Makeup Could Come From Child Labor

Your highlighter palette might make your cheekbones pop, but kids as young as six are mining the raw mineral that provides its sparkly effect.
Sirin Kale

India's New Child Labor Law Doesn't Actually Ban Child Labor

Though the Indian government has technically made labor for children under the age of 14 illegal, adolescents are still allowed to work for their family members—in potentially harsh and unregulated conditions.
Nandita Raghuram
middle east

Meeting Syria's 'Lost Generation': These Refugee Children Must Abandon School to Survive

Up to 100,000 Syrian children living in the Jordanian capital Amman are not in school, many forced to work because they are the only ones who can get jobs and support their families.
Sam Mednick

Your Smartphone Is Probably Powered by Child Labor at Mines in Africa

Amnesty International says batteries in products made by Apple, Samsung, and others contain cobalt mined by kids in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Sarah Francoise

Candy Makers Are Desperate to Reverse a Potential "Chocopalypse"

It’s a lot to think about, and you’re probably not going to do so next time you unwrap a candy bar. But half a world away, a farmer is urging his plants to grow more and bigger cocoa pods for an industry that produces one of the most loved food...
Wyatt Marshall

A Chat with Nestle's Former COO About Cocoa and Child Labor

Jose Lopez helped transform the company from an organization censured for human rights violations to one with an enviable reputation for sustainability and social responsibility.
Joe Sandler Clarke
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Bangladeshi Sweatshops Continue to Imperil Workers’ Lives

In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed, killing more than 1,100 Bangladeshi workers. Despite the news coverage, sweatshops aren't much better today.
Larry Towell
the americas

$7.50 for a Day’s Work (Extra Scene from 'The Fruits of Cheap Labor')

In this extra scene, a 52-year-old farm worker receives her daily wage for picking strawberries in northern Mexico. Her salary is $7.50 — plus a marshmallow.

Leaving Their Kids Locked Up (Excerpt from ‘The Fruits of Cheap Labor’)

In this excerpt, VICE News visits a slum serving as an illegal hotel, where day laborers leave their children unattended as they head out to find work in the farmlands of Sinaloa.

Mexican Laborers Want Americans to Know Who Picks Their Fruits and Vegetables

Day laborers in Mexico endure long hours in brutal working conditions harvesting crops that end up on the shelves of US supermarkets.
Amparo Rodriguez