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This Activist Uses Surfing Therapy to Rehabilitate Child Soldiers

Based in war-torn Mogadishu, the initiative uses the ocean and riding waves to help communities ravaged by years of violence and suffering.
Alice Rowsome

Talking with a Child Soldier and the Young Man He Refused to Kill

He was 13 and meant to kill him. Instead, they escaped and later reunited in Canada.
Mitchell Sunderland
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump to be inaugurated as president, Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo extradited to the US, Kanye West gets another college course, and more.
VICE Staff

In Congo, Teen Girls Who Can't Afford School Are Joining Armed Groups

The charity Child Soldiers International warns that young girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo are joining militias—and are doing so of their own volition.
Sirin Kale

How Two American Teens Became Assassins for a Mexican Cartel

'Wolf Boys,' a new book by Dan Slater, details the bloody rise and fall of two Texas teenagers who became contract killers for the Zetas, the most violent drug cartel in Mexico, killing dozens of people in the process.
Seth Ferranti

British Veterans Made Some Dark Films to Protest the UK Army's Recruitment of 16-Year-Olds

These ex-soldiers who have seen war want young people to know its true horrors to stop them signing up.
Charlie Gilmour

Nearly Half of Canadians Are Fine with Omar Khadr’s Bail, but Not Many Like Him

While nearly 40 percent of Canadians see Khadr as a child soldier, about one in four still consider him a terrorist.
Rachel Browne
The Uganda Love This Issue

Saving Burma’s Child Soldiers

Slowly, soldiers who were forcibly recruited as children are returning to their villages, to families who have long thought them dead.
Spike Johnson
behind the bars: guantanamo bay

Growing Up Guantánamo

International juvenile justice standards identify child soldiers first and foremost as victims in need of representation and rehabilitation. Still, a number of adolescents have been held as prisoners at Guantánamo Bay.
Andrea Jones

The Little Lion: Syria’s 11-Year-Old Killing Machine

Child soldiers in Syria are involved in shelling, airstrikes, and sniping. They’ve also been subject to arbitrary arrest, torture and rape, as reported by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria. VICE met one of these child soldiers, 11-year...
Glen Johnson

Should I Donate Money to Kony 2012 or Not?

And does seeking out Invisible Children's faults make me a cynical snob?
Alex Miller

Silent Asylum

I visited an Immigrant Removal Center to meet Jerry, a man who fled his home in dangerous Zimbabwe for England, only to get locked up in a UK detention center for four years.
Alice Mckeever