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Lil Tay's Mom Got Busted Using Her Boss's Car for an Instagram Video

Angela Tian recently resigned from her real estate job.
Manisha Krishnan
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Willow Smith Calls Growing Up a Child Star "Excruciatingly Terrible"

The 17-year-old spoke frankly about what it's like to go through puberty while being scrutinized by the public. Spoiler alert: it's bad!
Noisey UK Staff

My Slice of Life with the Pizza Underground

Playing in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band with Macaulay Culkin taught me more about the nature of celebrity—and pizza—than I'd bargained for.
Deenah Vollmer

Why Do Child Stars Sink or Swim?

We asked a famed child agent and former child stars themselves about what condemns (or saves) young actors from becoming train wrecks?
Emalie Marthe
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Dora the Explorer Allegedly Got a Girl Expelled After Peer-Pressuring Her to Vape at School

Child actress Fatima Ptacek was given a three-day suspension after getting caught vaping at school, while her less-famous accomplice was expelled.
Helen Donahue

Death of a Mouseketeer: How a Report Filed by Two NYPD Officers Stained Marque Lynche's Name

On December 6, 2015, the lifeless body of the child star was discovered by his roommate. I witnessed the subway altercation with two cops that has clouded his legacy.
Patrick Hilsman

My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators

Photographer Amy L​ombard hung out backstage with the teen heartthrob at a recent New York show.
Amy Lombard
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My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators

More than a year after we watched him give the performance of a lifetime at a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey, Carter continues to impress audiences around the world. This year, the former child star has courted a cult-like online following called...
Amy Lombard

Wendy Williams Is Reminding Everyone R. Kelly Married a Teenage Aaliyah

When hip-hop radio host Wendy Williams started her talk show, nobody expected her to inherit Oprah's throne, but today she's set to become a media empress.
Brittany Julious

Watch Tatum O'Neal Dance with an Alien Rosa Parks in iRAWniQ's New Music Video

We weren’t sure what happened in the music video for iRAWniQ’s "ALIENPU$," so we asked Oscar winner and former child star Tatum O'Neal to explain what the heck was going on.
Tatum O'Neal

Lindsay Lohan Played Herself in Her London Stage Debut

This week, I attended the London production of <i>Speed-the-Plow</i>, David Mamet’s satirical take on the American movie business, which stars Lindsay Lohan as a mysterious girl with nothing to bank on except her sexuality.
Amelia Abraham

A Man, a Plan, a Fedora: Nick Jonas Rebrands

A conversation with Nick Jonas, former Jonas Brother and current fedora enthusiast.
Zachary Lipez