Child Stars


Lil Tay's Mom Got Busted Using Her Boss's Car for an Instagram Video

Angela Tian recently resigned from her real estate job.


Willow Smith Calls Growing Up a Child Star "Excruciatingly Terrible"

The 17-year-old spoke frankly about what it's like to go through puberty while being scrutinized by the public. Spoiler alert: it's bad!


My Slice of Life with the Pizza Underground

Playing in a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band with Macaulay Culkin taught me more about the nature of celebrity—and pizza—than I'd bargained for.


Why Do Child Stars Sink or Swim?

We asked a famed child agent and former child stars themselves about what condemns (or saves) young actors from becoming train wrecks?


Dora the Explorer Allegedly Got a Girl Expelled After Peer-Pressuring Her to Vape at School

Child actress Fatima Ptacek was given a three-day suspension after getting caught vaping at school, while her less-famous accomplice was expelled.


Death of a Mouseketeer: How a Report Filed by Two NYPD Officers Stained Marque Lynche's Name

On December 6, 2015, the lifeless body of the child star was discovered by his roommate. I witnessed the subway altercation with two cops that has clouded his legacy.


My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators

Photographer Amy L​ombard hung out backstage with the teen heartthrob at a recent New York show.


My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators

More than a year after we watched him give the performance of a lifetime at a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey, Carter continues to impress audiences around the world. This year, the former child star has courted a cult-like online following called...


Wendy Williams Is Reminding Everyone R. Kelly Married a Teenage Aaliyah

When hip-hop radio host Wendy Williams started her talk show, nobody expected her to inherit Oprah's throne, but today she's set to become a media empress.


Watch Tatum O'Neal Dance with an Alien Rosa Parks in iRAWniQ's New Music Video

We weren’t sure what happened in the music video for iRAWniQ’s "ALIENPU$," so we asked Oscar winner and former child star Tatum O'Neal to explain what the heck was going on.


Lindsay Lohan Played Herself in Her London Stage Debut

This week, I attended the London production of Speed-the-Plow, David Mamet’s satirical take on the American movie business, which stars Lindsay Lohan as a mysterious girl with nothing to bank on except her sexuality.


A Man, a Plan, a Fedora: Nick Jonas Rebrands

A conversation with Nick Jonas, former Jonas Brother and current fedora enthusiast.