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How to Take on America's Screwed-Up Foster Care System and Win

"I didn't know anything like what happened could happen to a new mother."


Watch cops storm into an Arizona home to get an unvaccinated toddler to the doctor

The child’s mother was allegedly afraid to take him in because he was unvaccinated


Video shows officials seizing newborn from mother in Canadian hospital

The apprehension was live-streamed by a relative of the First Nations woman. More than 90 percent of children apprehended in Manitoba are Indigenous.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Foreign governments said to use Trump hotels to "curry favor," California couple charged with holding 13 children captive in horrific conditions, Trump reportedly scorned black members of Congress, and more.


This deported father has to watch his kids grow up on YouTube

From Mexico, a deported father watches his kids grow up in the U.S on Youtube


Lawmakers Want to Legalize Discrimination Against LGBTQ Foster Youth

The proposed federal legislation follows several states that have made it legal for adoption agencies to refuse to serve queer children and families.


Charged with Racial Discrimination, Canada’s Government Fought Dirty and Lost

Ahead of a Vancouver film festival premiere, 'We Can't Make the Same Mistake Twice' hero Cindy Blackstock recaps the (ongoing) civil rights battle that almost didn't happen.


These Anti-Vaccination Parents Are on Trial for Their Son’s Death

The parents are facing charges after they tried to treat their son's meningitis with a homemade concoction that included whey protein and maple syrup.


Here’s Why, as an Indigenous Person, I Voted for Trudeau in the Canadian Election

The thought of four more years of Harper was like an evil ghost climbing up my asshole and shaking me to the core.


A Canadian First Nations Girl Who Chose Traditional Medicine over Chemo Has Just Died

Makayla Sault, an 11-year-old Ojibwe girl with leukemia, chose indigenous medicine rather than chemotherapy.


Wendy Williams Is Reminding Everyone R. Kelly Married a Teenage Aaliyah

When hip-hop radio host Wendy Williams started her talk show, nobody expected her to inherit Oprah's throne, but today she's set to become a media empress.


Love Serve Surrender

Our exclusive investigation into a failed system that placed foster boys with an alleged pedophile despite repeated warning signs of danger.