Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is running a different kind of campaign — and it just might be working

The 2020 Democrat who's come out with the most policy proposals just posted $6 million in first-quarter fundraising
Rex Santus
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This Airbnb for pre-K is trying to fix early childhood education

This education startup lets people create a preschool in their home
William Turton
she's running

These female candidates are fighting for the right to use campaign funds for child care

“I can’t just leave her in the car with a YouTube video while I run in and talk to a mayor,” said one candidate, whose daughter is on the autism spectrum.
Carter Sherman
Midterm Elections

This First-Time Candidate's Campaign Ad Shows What It's Like to Run as a Mother

Liuba Grechen Shirley's two children are the stars of a new campaign video in her bid to unseat a longtime incumbent in New York's 2nd congressional district.
Marie Solis
mental health

The Health Repercussions of Being a Latina Nanny

Job insecurity, stigma, and the disparity in privilege are all factors that take a toll on women of color who work in childcare.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria
virtual reality

Here's a Baby VR Headset for the Parents of the Future

Wait, would you actually put your kid in an augmented infancy machine?
Dyllan Furness
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People Who Grow Up in Foster Care Should Have a Say in Fixing It

A researcher who grew up in the UK's system could be among the first to help change it for the better.
Michael Regnier

Watching Other People's Kids for a Living Is a Poop-Stained Nightmare

We asked nannies about the weirdest and worst aspects of their jobs.
Caroline Thompson
50 states of art

A Step-by-Step Guide to Staying an Artist While Having a Baby

Virginia artist Sarah Irvin provides a practical reproduction and childcare model for the studio aesthete.
Sarah Irvin
Parental Advisory

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact

Why keeping babies close may be better for everyone.
Lena Corner

When Your Baby Dies in a Home Daycare, Who's to Blame?

When Kathryn Martin first placed her three-month-old daughter, Kellie Rynn, in a home daycare center, she thought she had no reason to fear. A month later, Kellie Rynn suffocated in her sleep. Though the coroner's report lists Kellie Rynn's death as an...
Cecilia D’Anastasio
Fighting Words

Why You Should Curse Around Your Kids

Derogatory language made me a better person.
Austin Williams