This Class Is Entirely Dedicated to the History of Mexican Chiles

“We realized that most customers had no idea of the names and varieties of chiles, so we decided to share our knowledge."
Claudia Alarcón

Can Too Much Spicy Food Ruin Your Taste Buds? I Asked a Chile Expert

As a hot sauce obsessive, I had to know.
Adam Rothbarth
hot sauce

How a Former Porn Star Found a New Life in Hot Sauce

Danny Wylde's post-adult film career is no less spicy.
Hillary Eaton

Indonesian Conspiracy Theorists Think China Is Using Chilies as Biological Weapons

Indonesian media reports have accused China of using imported chili pepper seeds laced with bacteria as a “biological weapon” against the island nation.
Wyatt Marshall

The Singer of The Offspring Makes Hot Sauce, and It's Actually Pretty Fly for a White Guy

Gringo Bandito is about to celebrate the sale of its one millionth bottle. We spoke with Holland to find out how the hell he got in the hot sauce business and why you should give his sombrero-emblazoned hot sauce an honest shot.
Javier Cabral

Eating Aguachile Will Cool You Off and Make You Cry At the Same Time

Call it Mexico’s answer to Peru’s leche de tigre, or just the perfect breakfast when you are hungover on a summer day. It’s like a sashimi from hell, insanely addictive and refreshing at the same time.
Javier Cabral

LA Is Now Home to the World’s First Marijuana Michelada

Known as the Dabchelada and made with 200 milligrams of shatter per serving, it may have just revolutionized the world of crossfading as we all know it. Oh, what a time to be alive.
Javier Cabral

Chili Peppers Could Be the Secret to Killing Cancer

Researchers in India have figured out the reason why capsaicin, the compound that puts the "heat" in spicy food, causes some cancer cells to self-destruct.
Munchies Staff

The Best Drunken Snack of Your Life Is Served in a Black Plastic Bag

Buzzed, I fondled the contents of the mysterious bag. There was definitely a hard boiled egg in there, and a paper-wrapped package of something, and a tiny spoon. Faustine and the rest of the group called the secretive snack nasi jinggo and told me...
Natalie B. Compton
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British Food Is Taking Over the World

Countries like Italy and France, which are known for making their own great cheese and wine, are buying up such products from Britain in huge quantities. What gives?
Lauren Rothman