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This Class Is Entirely Dedicated to the History of Mexican Chiles

“We realized that most customers had no idea of the names and varieties of chiles, so we decided to share our knowledge."
Claudia Alarcón

Can Too Much Spicy Food Ruin Your Taste Buds? I Asked a Chile Expert

As a hot sauce obsessive, I had to know.
Adam Rothbarth
Don't Fear The​ ​​Reaper

A Carolina Reaper Pepper Sent a Man to the Hospital With ‘Thunderclap’ Headaches

It’s the first report of this kind of thing happening.
Kate Lunau

Why You Get Off on Torturing Yourself With Chilis

It turns out that we are physiologically and psychologically predisposed to sadomasochistic dining tendencies.
Jessica Thompson

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Spicy Hell with Sean Evans of 'Hot Ones'

We put the host of the popular heat-fueled YouTube show to his own hot sauce test for a hell of an episode.
Helen Hollyman
It's Science

Weed and Hot Peppers Show Potential for Soothing Your Gut

Mice were also effectively “cured” of type-1 diabetes.
Jesse Hicks
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Our Best Leftover Turkey Recipes

We’ve rounded up the best leftover turkey recipes from our favorite chefs.
Nick Rose

Why Eating Ginger with Chili Peppers Could Save Your Life

There is a growing body of science supporting the health benefits of capsaicin but also mounting evidence suggesting that it can cause cancer. A team of scientists set out to better understand this contradiction.
Nick Rose
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How Understanding the Genetic Past of Peppers Can Make the Future Better

New genetic studies are shedding more light on the fiery fruit that has been the source of our species’ ambivalent relationship with heat and food.
Nick Rose
Easter chocolate

Buckfast Easter Eggs Have Pissed Off the Church of Scotland

Buckfast is a tonic wine which, despite being made by monks, has essentially become Scotland’s equivalent of Four Loko, and is synonymous with teen binge-drinking and puking.
Nick Rose

Chili Peppers Could Be the Secret to Killing Cancer

Researchers in India have figured out the reason why capsaicin, the compound that puts the "heat" in spicy food, causes some cancer cells to self-destruct.
Munchies Staff

How Eating Spicy Foods Can Help You Cheat Death

A seven-year study has found that regularly eating chili peppers can reduce your risk of early death by about 14 percent. Bring on the Cholula.
Hilary Pollack