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Mexico's opium poppy farmers are fed up with the job's dangers

Opium farmers in the state of Guerrero are starting to complain loudly about toxic fumigation, cartel violence, and poverty. The new activism comes amid tentative political moves towards legalization.
Nathaniel Janowitz and Arturo de Dios Palma
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Some Mexicans Have Been Living in Limbo for Years After Fleeing Cartel Violence

The residents of Santa María Sur, in the violence-torn state of Guerrero, fled their tiny village in the middle of the night when warring cartels demanded they join the fight. Today they are living in a scruffy hotel, with little hope of returning home.
Oscar Balderas
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Drug Cartels Are Taking Over the Tortilla Business in Mexico

The tortilla industry in the beleaguered state of Guerrero is under attack from local cartels that are kidnapping and killing business owners and workers, as well as using tortilla shops as drug distribution points and lookout posts.
Oscar Balderas

Ayotzinapa: A Timeline of the Mass Disappearance That Has Shaken Mexico

VICE News has closely followed the case of 43 missing teaching students in Mexico's Guerrero state. To help readers unfamiliar with this story, here is what we know so far.

Mexico’s Military Says One of the Missing 43 Students Was an Active Soldier

Almost nine months since the Ayotzinapa disappearances, parents said Thursday they knew of no missing young man who was a soldier. They called the army's statements a strategy at dividing them.
Melissa del Pozo

Mexican Teachers Burn Ballots in Spreading Protests Ahead of Elections

Mexico's largest dissident teachers union CNTE carried out attacks against electoral offices in five states. A strike in Oaxaca is affecting 1 million students, as federal officials bowed to a demand on education reform.
Gabriela Gorbea and Andrea Noel

At Least 13 Missing As Another Mass Disappearance Develops in Guerrero, Mexico

With the case of the 43 missing students still looming over the state, Guerrero officials now say another probably mass disappearance took place after unknown men entered a town to 'free' it from a drug gang.
Melissa del Pozo

Displaced by Drug Violence in Mexico — and Ready to Vote?

Scores of families have fled their homes in Guerrero, becoming "internally displaced" in the violent conflict over the state's poppy trade. But officials say the midterm summer elections will still go on.
Melissa del Pozo

Guerrero, a State Without a Governor, Sees More Protests on Anniversary of Missing 43

The state congress was in session on Monday to appoint a governor, while parents and fellow classmates of the missing 43 students demonstrated to mark seven months since the disappearances.
Andrea Noel and Melissa del Pozo

Mayoral Candidate Is Beheaded in Guerrero Ahead of Mexico's Local Elections Season

Aide Nava Gonzalez, 42, had been married to a previous mayor of Ahuacuotzingo — who was also killed on the same highway where she disappeared last Sunday. Elections are scheduled for June 7.
Melissa del Pozo

The Executioners: What the Government Hasn’t Revealed About the Mexico Student Massacre

Cartel members interrogated by authorities claim dozens of people — more than authorities admit — were attacked and killed because the cartel believed a rival gang was attempting to enter Iguala.
Melissa del Pozo, Hans-Maximo Musielik, and Rafael Castillo

Mexican Federal Police Clash with Protesters Before Concert for Missing Students

Federal officers attempted to prevent the Ayotzinapa students from setting up for a solidarity concert on Sunday, sparking clashes that left 22 people injured, including two parents of the missing.
Melissa del Pozo and Daniel Hernandez