Chinese Communist Party


They Come For Us at Night: Inside China’s Hidden War on Uighurs

"I could be locked up for what I just told you."


Chinese Police Are Raiding Churches and Arresting Pastors as Christmas Approaches

It's all part of a crackdown on "underground churches" that don't tow the communist party line.


Photos show Fan Bingbing in public for first time since her disappearance

China's most famous actress was seen at an airport as an assistant attempted to shield her from paparazzi


The head of Interpol has vanished

Meng Hongwei, a 64-year-old senior official in the Chinese Communist Party, was reported missing by his wife Friday.


The President of Interpol Has Disappeared in China

Meng Hongwei, a member of the Chinese Communist party and president of Interpol, has been missing for a week.


Chinese Communist Party Officially Declares Golf is no Longer a Crime

Previously a sport for capitalist sympathisers and Western lackeys, there’s now “no right or wrong” about communists playing golf. This can only be a good thing.


China to Give Rights to Millions of Unregistered Citizens Born in Violation of One-Child Policy

Some 13 million citizens who are homeless, orphans, or who were born in violation of the country's strict one-child policy will now be granted papers allowing them to marry, travel, obtain healthcare, and enroll in school.


China Just Scrapped Its One-Child Policy

State-run Xinhua News said that the decades-old law would be scrapped, and from now on every couple would be allowed to have two children.


China's Stock Markets Are Collapsing Again — And No One Knows What the Government Will Do

Chinese stocks had rebounded after a precipitous crash, but analysts cautioned that the turnaround was brought about by unorthodox interventions from Beijing.


China's Stock Markets Are Collapsing, and the Freak-Out Could Get Worse

Experts warn that Chinese equities are likely to fall further, and note that the effort to intervene and stabilize values could prolong the overdue correction of a market that was clearly overheated.


Forced Disappearances, Brutality, and Communist China's Politics of Fear

On paper, shuanggui is a disciplinary system within the Chinese Communist Party; in practice it’s a vast, brutal, extra-legal interrogative system into which suspects disappear for weeks or months at a time.


China Wants to Rid Its Universities of 'Western Values'

The country’s leaders worry that reforms implemented more than three decades ago have allowed non-traditional ideas and teachings to undermine communist ideology and Chinese culture.