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Sick of Takeout? Make These 6 American-Chinese Classics at Home

Kung pao chicken and fried rice run through our veins.
Munchies Staff
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Six Lessons on Becoming a Cooking Legend from Cecilia Chiang

The 97-year-old woman who introduced Westerners to high-end Chinese cuisine still parties as hard as she works—which is to say, a lot.
Siena Chiang
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Make a Chinese Feast Tonight with These 5 Killer Recipes

We've got the whole menu on deck, from noodles to dessert.
Munchies Staff
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Ditch Your Brunch Plans and Cook this Epic Dim Sum Feast

These dim sum recipes have everything you need for a killer meal—minus the cart.
Becky Hughes
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Why the Chinese Are Better at Eating Their Greens

Chinese children aren’t coddled to eat, and many still have living grandparents who survived bitter times of famine.
Lillian Chou
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Jeremiah Stone Puts Butter in His Congee and He Thinks You Should Too

"Any time anyone asks me to make something Chinese, I do this. It’s original, but it feels very traditional. I don’t work in a Chinese restaurant, but I can make Chinese food."
Jeremiah Stone
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Meet the Woman Who Is Preserving Taiwan's Street Food Tradition

Chuang Pao-hua teaches students of every walk of life how to cook dishes with 'gu zhao wei,' or old-school flavor.
Tiffany Ran
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The Best Chinese Restaurants in LA, According to Chinese People

There are plenty of listicles about Chinese food in Los Angeles, but few have asked actual Chinese expats where they prefer eat around town.
Clarissa Wei
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This Restaurant Tells the Story of San Francisco's Chinatown

Mister Jiu's is more than just an homage to chef Brandon Jew's Chinese heritage; it's a statement on the changing face of San Francisco's Chinatown.
Brandon Jew
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OG Chef Ken Hom on Instagram and the Future of Chinese Cuisine

The future looks bright for Chinese cooking the world over.
Ken Hom

How NYC's 'Asian Food Mafia' Empowers Restaurant Owners

Protect ya neck (and your dumplings).
Alex Swerdloff
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Inside the Birthplace of Indian-Chinese Cuisine

When Chinese immigrants arrived in Kolkata two centuries ago, they put down roots and created a delicious fusion cuisine that blended Hakka traditions with the fiery flavors Indians love.
Sharanya Deepak