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How to Get Some of the Benefits of a Vegan Diet Without Actually Going Vegan

Eating kind of like a vegan can give you a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, awesome poops—and you don't have to part with your bacon.
Grant Stoddard

Does Red Yeast Rice Actually Help Lower Cholesterol?

While some people can lower their cholesterol on red yeast rice, for others, their cholesterol actually goes up a bit.
Colleen de Bellefonds
How to Not Die

How Much Saturated Fat Should Be in My Diet?

Bad fat? Nah, just misunderstood.
Olga Oksman
Tonic Editors
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Will Eating Three Eggs Every Day Turn My Blood Into a Solid?

It looks like the breakfast of champions—except for all that cholesterol.
Michelle Malia
Sobriety Check

Don't Buy Red Wine Because You Think It's Healthy

If you have cancer in your family, you might want to consider giving it up altogether.
Markham Heid
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Once and For All, Saturated Fat is Not the Devil

Cardiologists want you to know this.
Olga Oksman
Eat This

Bad Cholesterol Isn't Actually Always Bad

But pinpointing the exact moment it turns against you can be surprisingly tricky.
Markham Heid
How Not to Die

These People Have the Healthiest Hearts in the World

And guess what? They eat carbs. Lots of carbs.
Jesse Hicks

Scientists Have Good News for Anyone Who Likes Cheese

It might not clog your arteries as much as we thought!
Phoebe Hurst
Daily Buzzkill

How Could Someone As Fit As Bob Harper Have A Heart Attack?

If the Biggest Loser host can't hack it, what the hell does that mean for the rest of us?
Alexandra Ossola
You're Smarter Than That

The Lie About Happy Hour and Your Heart

Headlines got it wrong again this week.
Ashley P. Taylor

We’re All Guinea Pigs in a Failed Decades-Long Diet Experiment

"The change in dietary advice to promote low-fat foods is perhaps the biggest mistake in modern medical history."
Markham Heid