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How A Reality TV Show Has Catalyzed the Rise of Rap in China

Censorship? FOH! Hip hop is blowing up in Chongqing and Chengdu.
Jamie Fullerton

This Restaurant Celebrates a Brutal Era in Chinese History

Sichuan is full of restaurants themed around the Cultural Revolution, when millions of Chinese were exiled, tortured, and killed by the Communist regime.
Jamie Fullerton
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An Audience with Chongqing’s Queen of Hot Pot

“There are a lot of people calling themselves ‘Hot Pot Goddess,’ but no one else calls themselves ‘Hot Pot Queen,’” says He Yongzhi, who founded a hot pot empire in 1982.
Jamie Fullerton

This Chinese Restaurant Gives Discounts to Customers with Short Skirts

Yang Jia Hot Pot Restaurant in Jinan recently held a promo day on which the amount of thigh female customers exposed was measured, with discounts offered based on how many inches of flesh were on display.
Jamie Fullerton

Is Ghost Bath Really China's Answer to Deafheaven?

And are they even from China? Stream the quartet's latest album, 'Moonlover' in its entirety, and decide for yourself.
Kim Kelly

Chinese Restaurants Are Weighing Customers and Giving the Fat Ones Free Food

In Chongqing, southwest China, two restaurants are luring portly men into their venues by weighing them and offering discounts and free meals based on how heavy they are. Women, however, can only claim discounts if they are under a certain weight.
Jamie Fullerton
Motherboard Blog

China's Largest City Will Double Its Surveillance Cameras to 510,000

If you're in the global surveillance camera business, China isn't just the best place to manufacture your products: it's also your target market. Officials in China’s largest city / megapolis Chongqing plan to spend $781.6 million by 2014 to...
The Photo Issue 2008

Crowded Chongqing

Chongqing, sitting at the junction of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, is home to more than 30 million people. It is not only one of the most crowded cities in the world but also the fastest growing.
Joost Pauwaert, Stephanie Van De Velde