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This Guy Ran Back to His Burning Car to Light a Cig and Singed His Eyebrows

He was later charged with a DUI.
River Donaghey

Turkey's ruling and opposition parties staged a huge post-coup rally Sunday

The rally came as rights group Amnesty International said it had received credible evidence of detainees being subjected to beatings and torture, including rape, since the coup attempt.
VICE News and Reuters

Erdogan Expected to Tighten Grip on Turkey After Party's Unexpectedly Decisive Victory

Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian president and his ruling party won enough seats to form a comfortable majority in the country’s parliament in a snap election on Sunday.
John Beck

Erdogan and His Party On Course for Huge Victory in Pivotal Turkish Election

Early results from Turkey’s second general election in less than six months suggest a major surge in support for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling party.
John Beck

Erdogan Sworn In as Turkey's New President

After leading the government for 11 years as prime minister, Erdogan has signaled that his presidency will mark the next stage of his plans for the country.
John Beck
Bad Cop Blotter

Can We Please Fire Police Officers Who Knock Down Dudes in Wheelchairs? Please?

The police chief of Lafayette, Indiana, wanted to get rid of Tom Davidson after the cop pushed over a 25-year-old man's wheelchair, but a review board said no dice.
Lucy Steigerwald

California Cops Are Using the Homeless for Hands-On Training

The homeless say they're given an ultimatum: be arrested or participate in the program. Officers deny that the homeless are given a choice and say that they're booked even if they do participate.
Colby Tibbet

Turkey's Weirdest Mayor Won't Be Distracted By Electoral Fraud Allegations

Ankara's Melih Gökcek is known for mega-projects — like a canal to nowhere. He says he won Sunday's election, the opposition don't agree.
Noah Blaser

Thousands of Turks Protest Against ‘Dubious Election’ Results

Erdogan’s party's questionable victory was deeply disappointing to many who had rallied against him in recent weeks.
Alice Speri

Turkey's Election Day Was a Snapshot of a Torn Nation

Local elections are boring things concerned with mundane matters. But on Sunday, Turkey's became riveting front page news.
Ayman Oghanna