Chris Jericho


All Elite Wrestling has the WWE Shook

AEW is asking its wrestlers to assume less of the risks of pro wrestling while also giving them more of the rewards, and it could lead to an exodus of talent from WWE.
Ian Williams

Wrestle Kingdom 12 Had Something For Everybody

No match outside WWE in recent memory has garnered as much buzz as Jericho-Omega. They did not disappoint.
Ian Williams
new japan pro wrestling

Jericho-Omega Deliver on the Hype at a Near Flawless Wrestle Kingdom 12

New Japan Pro-Wrestling did its best to attract a larger global audience, producing one of the best top-to-bottom cards in memory.
Blake Murphy

With Jericho-Omega Headlining Wrestle Kingdom 12, NJPW Goes Global

NJPW is already the best wrestling promotion in the world, and with Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega leading the way at Wrestle Kingdom 12 on Thursday, more people than ever will find out.
Ian Williams

Chris Jericho Will Never Stop Reinventing Himself

Jericho's upcoming match in Japan against wrestling sensation Kenny Omega is the latest arc in a storied career that has always seen him stay one step ahead of where the industry is going.
Blake Murphy

Chris Jericho is Coming to NJPW to Fight Kenny Omega...What?!

In another surprise debut for Jericho, he challenged Kenny Omega to a match at NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom.
Ian Williams

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho Will Beat the Shit Out of You If You Don't Listen to His Band

"I wanted to be the Paul Stanley of wrestling."
Adria Young