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Monumental 'Golgotha' Sculpture Casts the Crucifixion in Coat Hangers

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Great Secular Stories That Follow the Same Arc as the Passion of Jesus

Sacrifice, betrayal, death, and spiritual ascension aren't only found in the Bible, they're essential elements to so many great works of art, from the Matrix to the Lord of the Rings.


Crucifixion in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Good Friday is spent performing a very literal reenactment of the Bible.


'Polygon Graffiti' Turns the World into Digital Art

An augmented reality art installation that looks like IRL Minecraft is just one idea Japanese "nature/tech cult" AUJIK is cooking up.


Some Brazilian Evangelicals Created a Sin-Free Facebook Where You Can Click 'Amen' Instead of 'Like'

Around 20 percent of Brazil's population is Evangelical, and Faceglória is a place for them to connect and talk about God without worrying about foul language or someone's bikini pics.


Should Religion Stay Out of Politics? - The People Speak

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News traveled around the world to ask people about the role of church in state.


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It's G O O D, and features production from Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Thierry Amar.


Catholics Are Going to Freak When We Find Aliens

What would happen to the world's religions if we made contact with alien life? I asked Dr. David A. Weintraub, an astronomer at Vanderbilt University who's been trying to get to the bottom of that question.


Satanism and Guilt-Free Murder in Iowa

On the evening of July 18, 2013, Kathy Barlas returned to her home in Mason City, Iowa, to find her adult son waiting in the garage in his underwear, dripping with blood. "Mom, I killed Satan," he told her.


Metal Church

Outside Bogotá, Colombia, the Communidad Pantokrator meets every Saturday to rock out in the name Jesus Christ. We spent an enthralling evening in Pantakrator's mosh pit of raw emotion and got a glimpse of how some cast off rockers have found...