Christmas Dinner

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18 Christmas Recipes Because Face It, Not All of Your Family's Classics Were Good

Maybe it's time to start some holiday traditions of your own.
Munchies Staff

We Asked Nigella Lawson for Her Christmas Dinner Game Plan

“Write a list of everything you plan to cook on Christmas Day,” advises Nigella Lawson, TV chef and unrivalled domestic goddess. “Then go away, drink a cup of tea, and strike out about half the dishes you’d planned.”
Phoebe Hurst

Why There Could Be a Brussels Sprouts Shortage This Year

British farmers have warned that they may struggle to produce enough Brussels sprouts in the run-up to Christmas.
Phoebe Hurst

The MUNCHIES Guide to Bohemia: Death by Christmas Carp

We drive to a small Bohemian village to witness an old Czech tradition: carp fishing. Every autumn, the villagers wake up in the middle of the night and start draining the local carp pond.
Hannah Saleh
Pub food

What It's Like to Eat Everything on the Wetherspoons Christmas Menu

Wetherspoons, the no-frills, no-music, no-need-to-wash pub chain that defines British drinking, does a Christmas menu. I went to try it—all three starters, two mains, and two puddings.
Nell Frizzell

Why Christmas Dinner Could Cost You Less This Year

Commodities analytics firm Mintec reports that the price of cooking a traditional Christmas Day dinner has fallen to its cheapest since 2011. As if you needed an excuse to double up on the pigs-in-blankets.
Phoebe Hurst