Christmas Eve


A History of Stargazy Pie, England's Strangest Christmas Dish

Stargazy pie is an odd-looking invention—a dish where fish gaze up at the sky from a buttery crust—but it's more, too. It's said to be born of famine.


Frying Latkes Will Make Your Pets Smell Like Hanukkah Long After It's Over

We had a big German Shepherd when I was a kid, and whenever we fried potato pancakes, he smelled like them for a week.


How to Make the Ultimate 'Feast of Seven Fishes' with Frank Pinello

The host of 'The Pizza Show' invited us into his home and showed us how the Feast of the Seven Fishes is done right, with a little help from nonna.


Deadly Storms in South Central US Move North, Disrupt Flights

Severe weather moving towards the Northeast US has already killed as many as 19 people over the holiday weekend.


After Deadly Tornadoes Rip Through the US, Emergency Crews Deal With the Damage on Christmas Eve

At least eight people were dead and 40 injured after a series of storms and tornadoes lashed areas from Illinois to Mississippi just days before Christmas.


Tom and Jerry Is Eggnog's Steamy Cousin

The Tom and Jerry—a hot cocktail that’s good for colder weather—originates from England in the 1800s. On Christmas Eve in New Orleans, we make this beverage for locals who take it along with them to walk around the French Quarter.


This Guy Sprayed a Homeless Person with a Hose on Christmas Eve and Wants It to 'Go Viral'

On Christmas Eve, a guy named 'Dollar Billions' sprayed a woman with a hose to get her off his property, and for internet points.


Fruitcake Is the Most Reviled Holiday Confection in History for Good Reason

Fruitcake is gross, and ugly, and nobody likes it. It's the brunt of late night television jokes and finds itself as a punchline in songs. And yet, fruitcake endures as a staple in the American Christmas culinary tradition. What gives?