Christopher Hitchens

    • 1.6.14

      How to Make Atheism Less Awful in 2014

      At the start of 2014 there are four broad—and overlapping—schisms in atheism, which can be summed up as: Dicks vs. Cowards, Islamophobes vs. More Cowards, Misogynists vs. Feminists, and Americans vs. Europeans. There has to be a better way.

    • 4.7.13

      New Atheism's Nasty Streak of Islamophobia

      If your project is to convince people that religion is evil and should be wiped from the face of the earth, and that rational, enlightened atheism is the beacon of truth towards which we must steer the storm-battered ship of the human race, is directly...

    • 9.12.12

      Cancer Memoirs Are Breaking Out Like the Plague

      The thing that motors cancer journalism, which makes it increasingly acceptable, even good, for hacks to tell all about the very darkest moments of their lives, is our craven culture of voyeurism. Nothing can remain private anymore, especially the bad...

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    • 12.18.11

      A Remembered 'Hitchslap' For The Worst Censors of All, Ourselves

      For all his smart, merciless and often polarizing diatribes on the tyrannical nature of organized religion, there is a spot amongst the vast and scathing rhetoric of Christopher Hitchens we'd all do well to explore in wake of his passing. With "SOPA...