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The CIA Did Not Drug Detainees Before Interrogations, Says the CIA

Documents declassified for VICE News reveal details concerning the CIA's internal investigation of detainees' claims they were given 'mind-altering' drugs before being interrogated.
Jason Leopold

Russia Says It Could Put Nukes in Crimea — and They Might Already Be There

Russia could raise tensions further by deploying nuclear weapons to Crimea, officials say, a threat that has riled lawmakers in Washington.
Alec Luhn
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Death of American Islamic State Hostage Kayla Mueller Confirmed

Rumors began circulating on Friday that the 26-year-old was killed during airstrikes in Syria, but neither her parents or US officials have confirmed the cause of death.
Kayla Ruble

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Could End Military Ban on Trans Soldiers Before Leaving Office

The Defense Secretary and other military officials have said they are "open" to allowing transgender officers to serve.
Colleen Curry

What Was Said and Unsaid During Ashton Carter’s Nomination for Secretary of Defense

President Obama nominated Ashton Carter to replace Chuck Hagel to become his next secretary of defense. The announcement ceremony — normally a staid affair — was notable.
Ari Ratner

Meet the Guy Who Could Soon Be Running America's Wars

Ashton Carter, a theoretical physicist and former No. 2 at the Pentagon, is expected to be tapped as Obama's next Defense Secretary.
Allie Conti
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Introducing the Pentagon's New 'Third Offset Strategy': Welcoming Your New Robot Overlords

The US Department of Defense is readying a plan to anticipate the next great strategic realignment in military technology — and herald the supposed coming age of robotic warfare.
Ryan Faith

Pentagon Warns of Immediate National Security Threats From Climate Change

Despite a sobering outlook from America's military planners, skeptics in Washington are unlikely to change their minds on climate change anytime soon.
Robert S. Eshelman

The US and France Are Teaming Up to Fight A Sprawling War on Terror in Africa

A burgeoning Franco-American alliance relies heavily on special forces, drones, and private military companies for counterterrorism operations in the Sahara and Sahel regions.
Peter Tinti
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Fresh Round of US Airstrikes Target Islamic State Around Iraq's Haditha Dam

The strikes move American military operations closer to the Syrian border.
Liz Fields
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An American Citizen Might Be Helping the Islamic State With Social Media

A senior law enforcement official reportedly said that Ahmad Abousamra may be supporting the Islamic State and their social media efforts.
Kayla Ruble

Allowing Transgender People to Serve in the US Military Is 'Inevitable'

A new report claims it won't be “complex or burdensome” to let transgender people serve in the US armed forces.
Jordan Larson