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Britain Is Not a Christian Country Anymore and Its Institutions Should Reflect That, Says Report

A major two-year inquiry on the place of religion in British public life has called for its laws, media, schools and House of Lords to be overhauled to reflect the decline of Christianity.


What Is It About Religion That Fosters Abuse?

And more importantly, how can we stop abuse from occurring on an institutional level?


Britain's Female Priests Want to Dress for Themselves and the Lord

Which is tricky when the only clothes the Lord has offered them for the best part of 20 years are frumpy black tunics.


Archbishop of Erbil Appeals for Military Action to Halt Christian 'Genocide' in Iraq

Bashar Warda spoke to VICE News during a visit to London, where he urged ground intervention to prevent Iraq's Christian community being relegated to history.


Lawmakers Vote to Legalize So-Called 'Three-Person Babies' in the UK

The controversial technique, aimed at preventing genetic diseases, would combine the DNA of two women and a man.


Is the West Approaching the Point Where It Doesn't Need Religion Anymore?

Christianity is in a slow, long-term decline.