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The Best of Athlete Halloween Costumes

DeAndre Hopkins as a Na'vi from Avatar was a pretty elaborate job, and Conor McDavid as Homer Simpson is fucking horrifying. But Golden Tate won the pun game.


Woman Slays to Nate Dogg at Bengals Nursing Home Tailgate

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick decided to burn it down before tonight's game against the Ravens with the real OGs.


Pacman Jones Arrested on Disorderly Conduct and Assault Charges, Allegedly Spit on Jail Nurse

Jones allegedly got into an argument with a security guard, poked him in the eye, and head-butted police officers as they tried to arrest him.


​Pacman Jones Repeatedly calls Terrelle Pryor 'Garbage' to Reporters

Why doesn't anyone like Terrell Pryor?


Cleveland Browns Tickets Now Going for $1

The next obvious step is to start paying people to show up at Browns games. Yup, it's gotten that ugly.


​So, Uh, the Browns Are Going to Win a Game, Right?

Cleveland's best chance for a win this year might be this week against the Bengals. Good luck, RGIII.


Ravens Run Out Clock and End Game By Holding Every Single Player on Field

There were multiple, obvious holding penalties all over the field, but it was a pretty ingenious way to ensure a victory.


​The Marvin Lewis Era in Cincinnati is Over—Or At Least It Should Be

Not-quite-good-enough has been good enough for Bengals owner Mike Brown, but this campaign falls well short of even that low measuring stick.


Odell Beckham, Jr. and Randy Moss Exchange Touching Notes in Pre-Game Jersey Swap

Odell Beckham, Jr. and Randy Moss are kindred spirits and autographed each other's jerseys before Monday Night Football.


Oldman Jason Witten Stiff Arms Real Great

It's like watching a drunk dad mow kids down in a parish picnic football game.


After Week 2, Can We Finally Say That The Pittsburgh Steelers are Awesome This Year?

If today's win is not enough for you to grab a towel and start spinning it, just wait until the Steelers get Bell and Wheaton back.


Eight Early Games That Will Shape the 2016 NFL Playoffs

Pay extra attention to these pivotal early-season matchups, because they could have huge implications come December.