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Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman Have the Exact Same Joey Votto Story

The two comedy stars gushed about Votto acknowledging them at ballgames.


This is Not How the Matt Harvey Story Was Supposed to Go

The former New York Mets ace was destined for greatness since kindergarten, but the problem with building a narrative is that reality gets in the way.


Father Finds Joey Votto Home Run Ball for Son's Memorial Wall

A stranger reached out to give the family the solo home run ball that Votto hit, which had a lot of sentimental value for their child.


Yakkin' About Baseball: A Team Made Entirely Out Of Beards

A frank discussion of June Superstars, unsustainable teams, unacceptable grooming choices, and other baseball stuff.


Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays...Scooter Gennett? Reds OF Has Historic Night

Gennett finished the night 5-5 with four home runs and 10 RBI against the Cardinals.


Baseball's Most Underappreciated Star Joey Votto Continues to Evolve

The Reds' quiet superstar keeps finding ways to improve his game outside the spotlight in small-market Cincinnati.


Billy Hamilton is Fast as Shit, Vol. 2,493

Billy Hamilton scored the game-winning run for the Reds on a single. From first. After almost grounding into a game-ending double play.


The Reds May Not Be Good Yet, But They Are Definitely Exciting

Would it surprise you if I said that the Reds—yes, the Reds!—have the highest contact rate in the National League?


Videos Show Why Reds Prospect Was Suspended for Drug of Abuse Violation

Cincinnati Reds pitching prospect Ian Kahaloa was suspended again for a drug of abuse violation and now there's video of him doing drugs of abuse.


Are the Brewers the Most Interesting Team in the NL Central?

We run through the NL Central, from the dominant Cubs to the ascendant (in 2018ish) Brewers to the very dismal Cincinnati Reds.


Reds GM Trolls Beat Writers' Facebook Live Session

Members of the Reds front office and coaching staff start off the year by trolling the media. (All in good fun.)