Seven Major Banks Pay Chump Change to Settle Lawsuit Over Lucrative Scheme

Seven of the world's biggest banks agreed to pay $324 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of rigging an interest rate benchmark used in the $553 trillion derivatives market.
VICE News and Reuters

The Trial of 'Tommy Chocolate,' the First Trader Convicted of Rigging Interest Rates

Finally someone got prison time for destroying the worldwide financial system—but that doesn't mean anyone's fixed it.
Gavin Haynes

The Man Responsible For Huge Government Blunders in Mexico Just Got a Seat on His Country's Supreme Court

Eduardo Medina Mora's office met with US officials over the failed "Fast & Furious" weapons smuggling program, reports say, capping a long list of scandals he's overseen — yet he keeps getting promotions.
Andalusia Knoll

The Risk of Climate Catastrophe Is So Severe, We Had to Break the Law, Say Activists

Eleven climate change activists are refusing a plea deal in New York court and asserting a "necessity defense," hoping to bring attention to the role of Wall Street in financing fossil fuel interests.
Peter Rugh
The Wall Street Issue

The True Story of the ‘Greatest Corporate Failure in American History’

The infamous AIG bonus controversy of 2009 was a rare moment when everyone in America was angry about the same thing. Today, thanks to a lawsuit being argued in Washington, we now know how comprehensively we were duped.
Moe Tkacik

Has the US Legal System Always Been Such a Joke?

Between paramilitary police and timid prosecutors afraid to pursue white-collar criminals, it's easy to be cynical about law and order in America.
Matt Taylor

Wall Street Criminals Are Still a Protected Class in America

It's becoming a sort of monthly ritual for the US government to cut a deal with one of the banks that caused the 2008 financial crisis.
Matt Taylor

Is US Attorney General Eric Holder Ready to Put Wall Street Bankers in Jail?

A fine leveled against Citigroup doesn't hold anyone accountable—it just demonstrates how toothless the government's pursuit of the financial criminals who ruined the economy has been.
Matt Taylor