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The Best Places for Late-Night Eats in NYC

Hungry at 1 a.m. on a Saturday? Pizza joints, sushi spots, and even white-tableclothed brasseries await.
VICE Staff
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The 12 Best Cheap Eats in New York

New Yorkers can find a lot to complain about, but a lack of cheap food isn't one of them.
Munchies Staff

The Best Places to Get Drunk in Helsinki During the Trump-Putin Summit

Where to get shitfaced as the world ends.
Ilkka Sirén

Where to Eat in Detroit's Outer Neighborhoods

Detroit's food scene is one of the country's finest—and it owes its identity to immigrant- and black-owned restaurants.
Tom Perkins
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The Best Cocktail Bars in New York City

We all love our mediocre gin and tonics from the nearest dive bars, but sometimes you just need a classy, stiff drink.
Munchies Staff
New Orleans

The 14 Best Fine Dining Spots in New Orleans

Whether you’re looking for old guard institutions of gastronomic excellence like Commander’s Palace or a restaurant devoted solely to the celebration and elevation of the boucherie, Nola undoubtedly has got you covered.
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Here Are the Best Coffee Shops in Washington D.C.

From idyllic garden cafes to while away the hours, to sleek coffee shops with liquor licenses, to java joints with giant cupcakes, these are D.C.'s best spots to get your caffeine fix.
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New York's Best Fancy Restaurants That Are Worth the Extra Cash

When your wallet is making you itchy and you're just dying to luxuriate, New York is the world-class city that will make all of your gustatory dreams come true.
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New York

New York’s Coolest Shit Is Hidden Inside These Bars and Restaurants

Want to drink chai with taxi drivers? Get turnt in one of NYC's oldest bars? Here's some of the cool stuff in our brand new MUNCHIES Guide to New York.
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Third Eye Blind's Stephan Jenkins Walks Us Down Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission

"They make a margarita there that has six fucking shots of tequila in it, and it will fuck you if you drink it."
VICE Travel Staff

Music Producer Brogan Bentley Taps Into San Francisco's Parks to Recharge

"You'd never know you're in a city when you're down in there."
Katie Wheeler-Dubin

San Francisco Through the Eyes of Photographer Anastasia Kuba

Her latest photo project exemplifies the radical environment the city can foster for artists pushing the boundaries.
Katie Wheeler-Dubin