Civil Liberties


The Problem with Dramatic Finger-Pointing Courtroom Moments

This centuries-old trope of criminal trials where witnesses point at the accused may be linked with wrongful convictions.
Marella Gayla

WEDIDIT's ACLU Benefit Was About Fighting For Our Freedom to Do Whatever We Want

Including doing it doggystyle on the dancefloor.
Jazper Abellera

The First Black Woman DA in Alabama History Wants to Shake Up the Death Penalty

Lynneice Washington won an historic election this November even as Donald Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton in Alabama. Here's what she has planned.
Casey Tolan

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump is bringing Obama's half-brother Malik to tonight's debate, a fight broke out in New York over a nude Hillary Clinton statue, Michael Moore unveiled his new Trump documentary, and more.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Tim Kaine says the Trump organization is "octopus-like" at the VP debate, Yahoo reportedly spied on millions of users' emails for the government, Hurricane Matthew leaves 11 dead in the Caribbean, and more.
VICE Staff

A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police

James Duane says you shouldn't say anything to a cop for any reason, you shouldn't plead the Fifth, and you shouldn't stay silent. So what should you do?
Harry Cheadle

How Cops Have Turned Baltimore into a Surveillance State

Privately funded planes recording city residents from the sky, systematic racism, failed trials for killer cops—can policing get any worse in Baltimore?
Rachel M. Cohen
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The ACLU Will Go to War with Trump if He Becomes President

On Thursday, the ACLU released a collection of memos spelling out exactly why they think so many of Donald Trump's statements are unconstitutional.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Have Democrats Found a Gun Control Fight They Can Actually Win?

They may have an unlikely ally in Donald Trump.
CJ Ciaramella

Meet the Muslims Suing the Cops for Their Own Surveillance Records

The NYPD worked with the feds to spy on the Muslim community, and now it's trying to beat a lawsuit using a 40-year-old CIA secrecy doctrine.
CJ Ciaramella
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

The Silent Majority: A Civil Rights Movement Grows in the Shadows of Nepal

A new constitution was supposed to create a more inclusive Nepal. But instead it deepened ethnic fissures.
David Caprara

Prisoners Speak Out About Their Communications with Lawyers Being Monitored

A report this week suggested inmate-lawyer phone calls are being recorded in large numbers, but prisoners aren't exactly stunned at the idea their civil liberties might get violated.
Seth Ferranti