Civil Rights Movement


Inside the Restaurants That Fed the Civil Rights Movement

Fifty years later, a handful of the places that fed, housed, and bailed out young freedom fighters remain. Historian Frederick Douglass Opie tells us about three of them.


Dramatic Photos of the 1968 Poor People's Campaign in DC

Return to Resurrection City with Jill Freedman's stunning documentation of a six-week protest on the National Mall.


Dick Gregory Fought For A Different World Through Comedy

Remembering comedian and cultural icon Dick Gregory's brilliance and bad jokes.


Protest Signs Remade as Light Boxes Illuminate the Civil Rights Struggle

Artist Sam Durant finds the poetry in protest language and renders it in neon.


How Delano Dunn Uses the Rainbow to Explore Racial Progress

The artist uses the whole spectrum to rethink the results of Reconstruction.


Danny Lyon's Civil Rights Photographs Capture A Protesting People

The iconic photographer documented a movement and democracy in action.


'I Am Not Your Negro' Is a Brilliant Documentary About James Baldwin's Never-Finished Book

We caught up with director Raoul Peck to talk about the author's legacy, politics, and the ever-presence of history.


Remembering the Music of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Unsung Strategist, Bayard Rustin

The openly gay political strategist and singer is in the shadows of a movement he helped mastermind.


3 Black Women Photographers Capture the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

From Malcolm X to Madame Mama Bush, these photos offer varying visions of how the Civil Rights Movement affected black life.


George Zimmerman's Gun and the Merchandising of Black Death

Zimmerman's attempt to commodify and capitalize on the death of Trayvon Martin is a phenomenon that has been happening in American since well before the founding of this country.


8 Art Events to Observe This MLK Day

If you want to let the art of the Movement lead you...


Revisiting Michele Wallace's Essential Black Feminist Text 'Black Macho'

We talked to the influential critic about Black Macho, how the black patriarchy has been ignoring black women since the civil rights movement, and why young black feminists give her hope.